Sleepy Valley Quilt Classes

Sleepy Valley Quilt Co. has a large, airy classroom available for rent when not in use. Great for your special quilting events or sewing meetings.

The classroom at Sleepy Valley Quilt Co. is bright and airy, with a full length design wall, plenty of tables, chairs, ironing boards and irons.

When the classroom isn't being occupied by scheduled classes, we encourage folks to call ahead and reserve it for special quilting and sewing meetings!

Contact us today for a reservation

Pending Classes

We've all been there. Can you make a quilt for my co-worker? You check the mail and there's a shower invite. "Mom, I got invited to a birthday party, can you make a quilt for me to take?" You must be crazy when you hear yourself say "no problem." With a template, layer cake and border fabric this is done in know time. It'll soon be your go to quick quilt.

Cost: $ 25.00
The holidays are heading your way. Fall has begun and Winter isn't far behind. Whether you make this quilt in cottons, batiks or flannel it's all about home. Home for the holidays, going home for Christmas or cuddling up with a book at home. Make this quilt for yourself to enjoy or give it as a gift.

Cost: $ 25.00
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